It’s the holiday season. Lots of gatherings and usually that means lots of drinking.

Is it possible to drink and still make gains ?

I believe you can still enjoy a few beers and meet your fitness goals. Now going home every day and slamming a 6 pack of a nice IPA or a few rum and cokes will definitely do damage and making gains probably isn’t a high priority for you then.

If your going to have a few beers 1st make sure your super hydrated before , during and after. I typically carry my jug of water around as I tend to have a beer here and there. Alcohol slows down your protein synthesis. So the late night taco bell or greasy cheeseburger isn’t going to help.

Solid proteins while consuming alcohol is going to be your go to. Sweet potatoes , greens , and a lean protein to help.

Your also better off drinking on you’re the day you workout vs your rest day. These day are ment for recovery for your muscles to grow. So if your hung over just rest don’t go and try to hit a new PR that day. Unless your recovery is like Wolverine.

Hope this Helps