Q. What is the best form of cardio if I want to build muscle? And how much cardio should I do if I want to build muscle ?

A. Excellent question. There are many forms of cardio. My personal favorite is H.I.I.T ( high intensity interval training ) moving at a fast rate keeping your heart rate up while building muscle and burning fat.

Running on a treadmill at a moderate pace you’re not going to make hardly any gains. You will burn fat , but you burn more fat doing weight training vs running at a moderate pace on a treadmill. Also running on a treadmill overtime can cause lower back damage. If you love to run , the best method is outside on a trail.

Bottom line is that if you want to build muscle and do cardio HIIT will be your best option. Programs like insanity are well-known for their building muscle and burning fat method. I personally do not do very much cardio especially when I’m trying to gain more muscle mass.

I hope this helps !