fb_img_15117903090102053767017 (1)( I.T ) It’s not a diet that part still falls on you. You cycle between periods of eating.

When I (I.T) I stop eating at 8 o’clock at night. And begin eating at 12 the following day. Between that time I drink only coffee water , or BCAA. Any liquid over 50 calories breaks the ( I.T ) I believe our bodies were ment to fast.

Intermediate Fasting benefits

– insulin levels drop

– HGH Levels sky-rocket

– Your body repairs faster and recover sooner

– Burns fat !

– increase muse growth

– protects against diseases

– increase blood flow

– enhance focus

– energy levels improve

– better digestion

– and tons more

For my last and 1st meal are the most important. Lots of greens , lots of protein , and carbs for energy to last. Make sure there very nutritious. If you feed your body junk food you may even get negative effects. So no food from 8pm to 12pm the following day! And eat only between 12pm – 8am and eat HEALTHY. DRINK A LOT OF WATER !!!! I highly recommend everyone trying it there are many different methods.

16 hour fast

2 days a week 24 hour fast

[ not eating for a full 24 hours]

The most you will gain is knowledge and experience for yourself.