Q : I Want to change my lifestyle and get healthier where do I start

A: 1st you want to develop good habits and kick the old ones. I’m a here and now type. If I’m going to do something I’m not going to wait till Monday I’m going to do it RIGHT NOW! Maybe you need time to evolve and change.

So here’s my tip. Start by just drinking more water and going on daily walk’s. Cut out your daily soda and caffeine and drink water till your drinking only water. Set a goal on how much water to drink each day. Now go for a walk every day. Till you feel good enough to start doing a bit more. Then go get a membership or a pass at a gym. Or maybe join a yoga class. What ever you have the mindset of what you desire to do. Or what you may find enjoyable. Start setting short and long-term goal’s.

Change is never easy , but is always a great experience. You will always adapt.

I hope this helps.