There are 5 types of stress. Physical , Mental , Chemical , Emotional , and Nutritional .

Each one plays a key factor into your progress in the gym. Even though most of the time going to the gym makes us feel very good. It is still a stress on the body. If you don’t have a lot of stress in your life. Your recovery will be much greater than someone who has a lot of stress in their life.

PHYSICALLY – For example if you live at home with your parents , have a job that’s very relaxed , get 8 – 10 hours of sleep and go to the gym a few times a week. Odd’ s are your recovery is far better than someone who works long hours, goes to the gym consecutively for hours at a time , and sleeps less than 8 hours. Chances are their recovery levels are a lot lower and they have a greater chance for injury. If your going to the gym and lifting heavy every day all the time. You’re stress is going to be a much greater than someone lifting moderately a few times a week.

NUTRITION –How does nutrition play a role in stress ? Have you ever ate that juicy cheeseburger and large fry and afterwords felt very sluggish ? Have you ever drank way to much and felt hung-over the next day ? Vs eating a clean meal with a solid protein, and vegetables ? Both have very different effects on the body. Over time if you continue to indulge in these foods and beverages that slow you down and only add more stress.Not only will slow you down , cause a higher chance for injury and your recovery will be much lower than someone who maintains a fairly clean diet.

CHEMICAL – stress is items related to caffeine and nicotine. If you think soda , and tobacco have any benefits for you chances are your going to have much greater issues than just stress.

EMOTIONAL – stress can come from many different things. Work , home , financial , a death , a torn friendship , relationship, even not hitting that PR you worked so desperately hard for.

Which can also be a big MENTAL stress as well. It blocks your view to think clearly. Being able to perform at your absolute best.


Bottom line stress plays a key role in your performance and recovery. But it is also important to know that stress can be a good thing. When we are in the gym we want that stress so we can recover and become stronger. Stress in life is similar we don’t want it , but it does makes us stronger. We learn from are stress grow and become better as people.