This is 5 proven steps to help you become more successful in 2018. The year of 2017 is almost over and if you feel like you did not accomplish your goals this year then try my 5 steps of success. Don’t let this year be a repeat of the previous years where your goals were not met. And your dreams seem just as far away as they did 5 years ago. It’s your year and I am going to show you exactly how to make sure you become more successful in 2018 than you ever have.



Write down your goals you would like to achieve in 2018. Make a list of as many as you want. Whether it is to become debt free , pay off that big credit card , or go on that trip to paris you always wanted to go on. Change for the better for your health. Become more fit or stronger. Read more books. Go back to school and get that degree you wanted so bad. Write down your goals. When I go to the gym and write out my program I follow it better and keep better track of the program when it is on paper. You make a commitment to yourself , you wrote YOUR OWN CONTRACT. If you want to drink less alcohol write it down on paper. “I AM GOING TO DRINK LESS ALCOHOL” sign it and put it on your refrigerator.

Make sure your goal list is in front of you everyday as a reminder of what you want to achieve. As you go on throughout the year cross it off every time you complete a goal. Feel free to reward yourself. If your goal was lose 20 pounds. Than after you lose that 20 pounds go get yourself a new outfit or nice dress or suit. YOU EARNED IT ! Get your family involved or even a friend make the list together. Hold everyone accountable and keep each other in check. My family does this every year. On new years eve we make our list. It makes us excited for what we are going to accomplish. 45% more people accomplish their goals when they write them down.



Every goal should have a plan on how your going to achieve it. Make one goal at a time a priority. How do you plan on meeting this goal? If it is to save more money. Your going to need to write out a budget plan. Keep better track of your spending. If it is to lose weight or gain muscle. Write out a program or find a program designed to do those things. Every good business had a business plan. Have your game plan ready to go and execute!


You have 365 days to complete this list of goals. If you have 100 goals on your list do not try to rush every single one of them. Make sure you are taking your time to complete your goal so you’re not overwhelming yourself with all these things you need to do. One goal at a time. If one of your goals is to start-up a business know  that starting a business takes a lot of steps. There’s a lot of protocols you have to follow in order for that business to be a success. Take a few days of the week or hours out of the day to work on one of your goals. Dont move on to the next goal until one is accomplished. If your goals is to be able to dead lift , squat , and bench more all separately than that would be an acceptation. Your goals are gym oriented. Take your time take a deep breath follow your plan of attack and check them off as you go.




So you don’t fall off track you need to keep yourself alert of your goals. You can put it on your fridge but eventually it become just another feature in your house. So set alarms or dates that you want to have your goal accomplished. Make your 1st 5 goals accomplished by spring for example. Set an alarm in your phone and put it on your calender. Keep your goals in front of you as many times as possible to remind you of what needs to be done.



Now that you have your list. You have a plan. You made alerts. You need to repeat many different things. Tell yourself repeatedly IM GOING TO ACHIEVE THIS ! Repeat it till you believe it and you believe in yourself. Will you look crazy? Yes! Will you care when you have successfully achieved all of your goals ? NO! Follow these steps every year. If you achieve your goals to early than continue to write more. Just because it is the new year does not mean you have to only follow this on new years. It is a full proof plan to follow going into the year and years to come. I believe everyone is capable of achieving their goals. It is possible and you are great and now it is time to prove to yourself and the people around you that you got this. Don’t let  anything stand in your way and go after each goal like a lion. Wake up new years day ready for what the world has to offer and go get what you have to offer the world ! Now go you have some work to do.

Thank you for reading.