This is all told from my experience. I went vegan for about 5 – 6 months. I did it for a discipline aspect and to learn something new about my body. I never intended to do it long-term. As I started my vegan journey I did a lot of research. How to get all the right foods or supplements to get the nutrition I needed to keep my body healthy. When I started the vegan diet I was at 200 lbs. Within 3 months I lost 35 lbs.


I was eating as much as I possibly could and was still losing weight rapidly. I was losing strength and became frustrated. My gym routine of doing strength training did not change only my dieting. So I had to take a few steps back and re-analyze everything. I had to go back to eating meat because everything I worked so hard for to gain my size and strength was being diminished. I learned a lot before and after the entire experience and here are the pro’s and con’s of a vegan plant-based diet.


Right away my libido increased. Sexual drive was definitely enhanced. My Skin became super clear. I had acne on my back and it was gone within 2 weeks and my skin only became more clear. My energy was through the roof. I had to quit taking a pre-workout and only drink one cup of coffee because I was loaded with so much energy. My stamina was increased. I went from being tired after a workout to being able to have a ton of energy. I felt better spiritually because after seeing what happens in factory farms how these cows are pumped up with steroids to grow as fast as they possibly can. I was no longer putting that into my body and mentally it made me feel better.

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When you become vegan you start eating more carbohydrates to restore energy. The refined carbohydrates that is in bread has more sugar in it then one can of coca-cola. Your iron levels drop. You have to take a supplement for your vitamin B12 because you would typically get it from meat and dairy. In order to stay completely healthy on a vegan diet. You have to have it down to a science. Watching your macros. Getting enough nutrition daily. Omega-3 fats is a major one because you need your body to transfer your healthy fats into your cardiovascular system and we can only get a solid source from fish. It is In flax seed , but the amount you have to consume is very large vs the amount In just one small fish. In the long-term your body starts shutting down if you’re not getting all of the right nutrients. Your energy drops. Eventually your sex drive drops. You become more tired because you become vitamin deficient. The body needs saturated and unsaturated fats. The body needs all types of the essential amino acids and you can get all of those from meat and dairy. There are supplaments that assist in helping get all of your vitamins and nutrients. The absolute best way is to get the best nutrition is from natural sources. Your energy drops depending on your level of activity. For me I do a lot of power lifting and strong man routines so I was burning a greater amount of calories than the average vegan. I was eating 9 – 10 meals a day and still could not maintain a healthy balance.

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When I was vegan I watched very many documentaries. I also did my own research and how we get our meat. It is truly disturbing and very wrong. Factory farms with animals how some of them get treated. The cows are injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). It makes them grow at a super fast rate to get it to the customer faster. Continue to have these cows hooked up machines for their entire life to produce milk. When I went back to eating meat I only ate meat from local owners and not from factory farms. It was a lot better for me and I wasn’t consuming animals that have been injected with hormones. In dairy there is a lot of processed sugars as well. I still do not consume milk. I drink only almond milk and almond made products. If everyone started eating meat only locally and not from factory farming animals we may have a much healthier society. It is very eye-opening and I highly suggest everyone doing your own research.

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If you choose to be vegan ( plant-based ) good for you and good luck. It does take a lot of discipline to maintain a vegan diet. Definitely the best way to get healthier is to eat more clean fruits and vegetables. Eating all natural meats that are grass-fed. Being more conscious about what you put into your body. Stop drinking soda. Stop eating bread and rice that is loaded with sugar and items that cause inflammation. There definitely is a proper way to do the vegan diet. It requires lots of research and definitely to have a doctor monitor your health levels. It is great for short-term if you want to just lose weight , but to dive into it without the knowledge of what nutrients each food item you consume and watching your macros there is negative consequences. We need saturated fats. We in no way need processed foods loaded with refined carbohydrates and loaded with sugar. When I went back to eating meat. My strength increased back to where it was within one month. My acne was not as bad because I still maintained eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. This again is all from my own experience and the knowledge I have gotten from real doctors. I have a great respect for people who eat on a plant based diet and can maintain it.


I hope this information helps and I definitely always recommend everyone do their own research. There is a ton of information out there by real doctors on the pros and cons of being vegan.