Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. Can you convert fat into muscle ? Absolutely not. Fat tissue is made up of Adipose tissue. Muscle is made up of three different types of tissue CARDIAC , SKELETAL , AND SMOOTH. In this case we are talking about skeletal tissue. When someone says they turned all there fat into muscle that is a false statement. Can you build muscle from fat ? Absolutely Yes. Fat is stored energy. If you have zero fat there is a very high chance you have less energy. We get this energy from carbs , proteins and fats.



eddie hall

When someone wants to shred they should stick to just shredding and losing fat. Do not focus on anything other than that. If you want to bulk focus on bulking and building strength. An excess amount of stored fat will allow you to burn more energy. Power lifters and strongman athletes usually have a much broader build then bodybuilder. The amount of calories they consume leads to them being able to apply more energy therefore they are able to lift more. Over time this will allow them to build more muscle. Still understanding it is TWO separate tissues.




YES ! Depending on your calorie intake. When I was ” BULKING ” I did not stop eating. Like in the photo above eating an entire tray of pasta. I would’ve gotten the same amount of calories if I would have eaten more lean proteins and less carbs. I would just have to consume more chicken , greens and sweet potatoes. If you are trying to bulk focusing on food consumption and strength training. If you are trying to shred ” burn fat ” focusing on eating lean stay away from the pizza buffet and focus on exercises that burn fat. weight training and High Intense Interval Training  are the two most used methods to lose and burn fat. You are burning more calories than you can most likely able to consume in a 24 hour period.



Depending on your personal goals that is all up to you. Ask yourself do you want to be stronger ? Do you want to trim the waistline ? Do you want to be able to move faster ? Do you just want to be healthier ? those are all the questions you should be asking yourself whether or not you want to bulk or shred. If you want to be able to run a mile in 4 minutes bulking is probably not your best option. Also going back and forth will mess up your hormone imbalance and can cause serious damage over time. If you bulk 2 times a year and shred 2 times a year then over time your body will slowly start to shut down. CHOOSE ONLY ONE ! Stick with that for a lengthy period.




When I was the wee-little guy at 129 pounds I started getting very serious and was eating A LOT. I was doing whatever was necessary. Eating 5 cheeseburgers and a bowl of dry oats for breakfast and just eat , eat , eat. When I got to 200 lbs I felt comfortable and then decided to drop some fat. I cut out all the junk food started eating very clean and lose a little bit of strength along the way because I decided to eat fewer calories therefore less fat and less energy. I stayed with the shred method for over a year before I decided to pack on a few more pounds.




The myth of turning fat into muscle is not true. Fat is energy. Muscle is tissue. If you choose to  ” Bulk ” be safe it is definitely unhealthy in the long-term to continuously eat an extreme amount of calories especially in junk and fatty foods. Consuming an axcessive amount of calories everyday can lead to serious health issues and the entire idea of becoming stronger is also to become healthier. I hope this information is useful and whatever you choose to do with your body you choose wisely. Always do your own research and do what ever works best for you.