We turn on the news we see hate , divide , and lack of unity. We turn to social media and we see the same thing. We turn to friends and we feel the same thing. Every corner we look there is negativity. This page is all about promoting health and happiness is the number one key to good health. So in order to be happier we must block out the negativity. Trying to be positive in a negative atmosphere is very difficult. Not luring yourself into an endless debate of opinions in which we are all entitled to. Not seeking answers for something that no matter what it ultimately leads to no positives for anyone. Don’t focus on being right all the time. Focus on being happy rather than being right.


We all have our own story to tell. We all have our own hell’s that we endure and have been through that has given us either weakness and fear or it has given us courage and strength. We create this mental barrier and block people out. From this moment forward you must forgive everything that has happened to you and move forward. Looking back to the past of a time when you were or are more broken and holding onto that is stopping you from being happy. You can forgive your past , but doesn’t mean you have to dwell everyday and use it as ammo to shut others out. As long as you can accept what has been done and move forward you are ready to start that new chapter of happiness. Take your weakness and use it as a strength to lift others in the process because helping someone else share the same happiness as you will ultimately lead to the success that you have taken this new chapter of your life and not only helped yourself but helped someone else.



Find out what is the one thing that puts you in a negative mind-set and get rid of it. If you’re tired of what you’re seeing on social media. Get rid of your social media. I went a year and six months with no social media account and it was amazing. I wasn’t worried with what other people were thinking. Time with family and friends I enjoyed more. Instead of watching the news I read more books. I no longer had anything to debate because I was careless I was focusing on my goals and achieving them using my time more wisely. The average person gets on social media 28 times a day. That’s only the average. The average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media. Its toxic and does not help in your process to becoming a happier person. Find out the flaws in your negativity and get rid of them. Even if it’s for 30 days just to test yourself. Do not engage in conflict that doesn’t concern you or your goals. Ask yourself ” has anything you have done been for the better ? ”



Now that you have figured out the negative toxic environment you’re in. Its time to start using your happiness to make goals that help you maintain this happiness. Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Get the prices start saving and go there. Meditate daily and vision things that make you truly happy. Focus only on yourself and maintaining it. Take that two hours a day you were on social media and find a new hobby that is two hours a day. Make new life experiences with people you love. Let your positive mindset flood onto others. There is a long road and an empty road of people pursuing happiness. There is no end to hate it will always be there. No matter what you do personally in life there is always going to be someone trying to shut you down. If your only focusing on being positive then there will be no time or room for negativity. I certainly hope this information helps and as always fill free to email me if you have any question. I have made it my mission to help others in any way I can. Be positive and help others be more positive. Let people remember you for your smile not your hatred .

” Anger is a weakness ”