Finding the lack of discipline in yourself to get up and physically go to the gym at times can be brutal when you absolutely don’t want to. Getting up to go for that run , swim , or make it on time to that yoga class. You build yourself up and talk yourself out of it. Looking for reasons and excuses to skip diets and gym sessions because in that moment to you mentally you just want to shut down. You do it one time. A few days go by and you do it again. Then a few weeks go by and your fallen off the wagon. Your diet has gone out the window and it all started with the one excuses that you convinced yourself was a good reason.



Keep in mind why you started this journey. You wanted to get healthier , stronger , more flexible , be able to fit in that swim suit , dress or be able to run that marathon. When you really don’t want to go through the next training session or skip your next diet meal. Remember why you started. What would the achieved version of you tell yourself months or year’s from now when you decided to keep pushing?

Don’t be that person that says ” I used to be able to do that ” or ” things happen so I didn’t do anything anymore “. Don’t create the next excuses. Keep in mind what you are trying to achieve and staying focused on that. Find something that inspires you every day and keep it in front of you as a reminder you’re not quitting. Even if you make the attempt. Lace your shoes up. Go out the door to the gym and at least give the best effort you can. You are still one step closer than you were if you didn’t do anything at all. Keep your eye on the prize. Don’t lose sight of it.


  • Keeping a scheduled program filled with exact dates of your meals and training programs is a great way to hold yourself accountable. A daily reminder of what you need to achieve that day and NEVER EVER plan something on a training day. Everything from doctors appointments or family events. Your goals should revolve around your schedule. Making sure your making time for your goals is your responsibility.
  • Have a workout partner that is just as dedicated as you are. Even if they miss a workout you still go. Hold each other accountable. Keep each other in check of diets and following the program.
  • Stay positive. It is very easy to let something negative in your mind to give you that ” don’t want to attitude “. Always look for ways to block out the negativity.
  • Alarms ! set alarms in your mobile devices to notify you of your workout and say things to keep you in check and disciplined.
  • Mix things up ! Try a new gym or a new program each month to give yourself a new atmosphere. Never been to a yoga class? JUST GO! Never been to that new powerlifting gym ? JUST GO! You can always learn something new and find new ways to train to keep yourself motivated and most of all prevent an excuse.



It will be hard. As you continue to move forward you will have your setbacks. You will have to overcome injuries. There will be those days you don’t want to get out of bed let alone train. Quitting is easy. It’s the easiest option available. just quit and you no longer have to push yourself anymore. Quitting has never taught anything other than how easy it is. Failing will happen. It’s okay to fail. If you fail every time trying to hit that new personal record. You will eventually get it and the reward will be far greater than you could imagine. The excitement of when you hit the scale and made that weight you so desperately wanted to reach. It will be there just keep moving forward. Discipline will keep you moving. Motivation is only temporary. DISCIPLINE , ACTION , AND PERSISTENCE WILL LEAD TO PERSEVERANCE. Let people doubt you in the end you can thank them because it helped pushed you when nothing else could. I love telling people they can’t do something. Because when they prove me wrong and I see the excitement on their face. The greatest motivational speaker you will ever hear is the ones who told you , YOU CAN’T. Every time you decide to push yourself just a little bit more on the days you don’t want to is the day it is going to count the most.



I hope this helps!