Metabolism is taking the food you have consumed and using it to either store or use as energy. Some people have a faster metabolic rate and some have a slow metabolic rate. You can train your body to have a faster working metabolism by consuming small portions of food throughout the day. I like to call that bird eating. If you have two separate people. One of them is going to eat 6 meals and one of them is going to eat 3 meals. Both at say 2,000 calories throughout the day. The person consuming the 6 meals most likely will have a better metabolism in the long-term vs the person eating 3 meals that are much larger. Also depending on the amount of energy used by the body is how much food you should consume. The person who’s eating 1,000 calories per each meal and not burning any energy will have a much slower metabolic rate.


The BMR is how many calories you burn throughout the day. On days you are more active your BMR is much higher than on days you are not very active. Breaking down how your calories that you consume is used. The average human body will waste 10% of the food you consume. 30-40% of your food consumption is through how active you are. The remaining amount of calories that you consume is all based on your vital functions. Everything from your blinking to how much your organs working. If you do not do anything all day than your BMR would be very low. No energy being used so fewer calories to consume. Have you ever done something very active and hours later your absolutely starving. That is a sign that your BMR is higher.



Key components that go into improving your metabolism is based all on your activity level throughout your entire day. Also consume foods that give you more energy ( fruits , vegetables , and high protein food’s) . This is also why it is important to not eat before going to bed. Using portion control helps build a better metabolism. If you eat one small meal say 8am and you go for a walk by 11am you may be hungry again so you would then consume another small meal. Continue this effect throughout the day. Over time your Metabolism will improve. If you are practicing intermediate fasting that is another great way to improve your metabolism. Your body will use the stored energy allowing you to burn fat faster while you are fasting. Even if you have poor genetics with a clean diet and using your BMR you can increase your metabolism.

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Look at food as energy. Yeah most of us love chocolate , ice cream , high calorie drinks , and the holiday foods. If you step back and look at everything you consume is an energy source so you can live healthier and happier you will eventually realize that the over the top calorie foods are doing more bad than good. It may be very enjoyable in the moment but long-term is only going to slow you down and perhaps ruin your good metabolism you worked very hard for. Most people don’t like broccoli and spinach. But when they consume broccoli and spinach their overall energy is better than when they consume a large soda and extra-large sandwich with all the toppings you can imagine. Food is energy. People who use diets where there barley eating anything at all is not healthy and is not good for your metabolism. The eat one egg for breakfast and look at an apple for lunch is not healthy. Consume food for the amount of energy you are going to use. If you plan on doing heavy lifting you will burn very many calories so not only do you need to consume enough calories for energy but consume enough calories to allow your muscle to repair.


Like always I hope this helps stay BEASTMINDED


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