Maybe you’ve been working out at home here and there. Maybe you pass the gym every day on your way home from work. That friend that keeps asking you to come with them for a workout, but you never do. Every time it’s a different excuses. In reality you may be afraid. Maybe your nervous of what others will think of you ? I’m here to put those worries to rest. Get you into a gym and start progressing to your overall goals !


When you were a kid. Before you knew how to tie your own shoe string’s. You would put those shoes on and look down on how amazing it was and how fast someone could tie your shoes. But every time you went to tie your shoe’s you were oblivious. Now years and years go by and your tying your shoes without even looking. Everything in life worth learning is the same concept. It may seem hard , difficult and almost impossible at first. Eventually you will get it. I’ve never seen any one perform a perfect dead lift , squat , or overhead press the first time. It takes a lot of practice. Eventually you will get it. IT WILL HAPPEN! Gym anxiety is a very real thing. If your going to a gym where there is a lot of people and very many strong people. They were all just like you at one point and had no idea where to start. Everyone is there to grow and improve themselves in some form. Do not be afraid because at some point everyone was.



With today’s technology ” the internet ” it is absolutely loaded with FREE information. People on YouTube and other platforms showing you how to perform certain exercises. Most gyms have a personal trainer available. Your much better off paying a personal trainer or personal coach so you don’t injury yourself and can learn how to do other workouts properly. Take your time and learn the movements. Trying to deadlift double your bodyweight in just a few weeks or months is highly not recommended for someone who does not go to a gym regularly. Gym memberships are made so you can utilize their equipment into bettering yourself building muscle , strength , power , and burn fat. Also do not be afraid to ask the bigger stronger people in the gym. They most likely have the most experience and can assist you into learning how to use a piece of equipment. Yes some people are only out there to better themselves and do not care. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It is a role in life we can learn from people are that way. In the end only makes us better people when we help others. You can always email me I will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.



I tell everyone do not worry about the numbers. When you first start going to the gym you will obsess over numbers. How much you can lift ? How many reps you can do ? how much weight your losing ?  What’s your body fat percentage ? Odd’s are in the beginning you will obsess over numbers. At first you will make very significant gains and success in the gym. Eventually your body will adapt to what you are putting it through and you will hit a plateau. There is an article on when that times comes called ” HIT A PLATEAU “. If you do want to go by numbers. Go by inches. Waist , chest , legs , arms , and neck. You can lose inches of your waist and gain inches in your legs but your overall body weight remain the same. Just because you don’t see a drop in your body weight does not mean you are not making any successful gains in the gym. Don’t let others or yourself discourage you. It is all about progression and moving forward. Take a few pictures of yourself a few times a month. That is your personal progression.


Go to your local gym. Get a pass or membership. Keep going. Follow a program. Get a coach. Stay on track. It will be one of the greatest choices you have ever made. We always focus so much on doing the best we can for others. But how often do we focus on doing the best we can for ourselves ? It doesn’t have to be just the gym. It can be a spin class. A yoga class. Anything you really want to do go do it. Don’t wait for someone else to hold your hand through it. Build your own character. If you have already been through this in your life pat yourself on the back. Now go fly away to a new journey or challenge and let yourself evolve into a constant growth. If your excuse  is you don’t have time. Make time. It is for your self to learn how to grow. Saying you don’t have time is the adult equivalent to the dog ate my homework.

Hope this helps

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Stay beastminded friends !

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