Everyday you face thousands of decisions. Some of them people ask you. Some of them you ask yourself. The most important decisions are the ones you don’t realize you make that are the biggest life changing decisions. Most people don’t even realize how many actual decisions they’re making each day that have a huge impact on their life. In this article im going to re-awaken your decision-making. Help you realize that every second is a choice that can push you to making all the right decisions. Ultimately to meet your goals.



Yes of course you need to get out of bed. That’s not the only decision the second you get out of bed. You think what am I going to wear , eat , or drink? If you make that cup of coffee and you add sugar to your coffee. That may be the first decision you make that could have a negative effect that can have an even bigger effect over time. Of Course in taking sugar for 365 days first thing every morning isn’t going to do you any justice. Or adding sugar to almost anything. Let’s go back you’re standing at your coffee pot or your refrigerator.  Now you realize what you chose to put in your coffee can have a better effect if you add maybe some coconut oil to get some fats into your system to get that metabolic boost going right away. With a cup of water. To wake up your liver or maybe skip the coffee and go straight to some branch chained amino acids to get the body really going. Then it’s time to get your lunch around. If your already in the decision-making process. You may have meal prepped and thinking ahead. You chose your protein , fiber , carb and fats. Your already on point. If your thinking of just ordering something out or getting whatever is in the vending machine. Odd’s are you’re not making any decisions for yourself so far.



Now your making it through the day and dinner has maybe crossed your mind once or twice ? Before you know it the time will come and it will be too late to cook or go grocery shopping to make a meal. As you drive down the road looking for a quick easy food your eyes see in every restaurant or every fast food joint. Pictures large advertisements with great deals on every single one at a price you can afford. You know eating it is going to make you not only feel like crap , but over time it’s not gonna give you the healthy body you always want. Open up your mind and make the decision. Walk into the store and put the decision-making to good use right away. Ultimately we want what is quick and easy. But when you think about all the options that are better for you than what choice one was. You are moving forward already in making the right decision for yourself and your health.


  • This year will be different
  • This monday im going to do it !
  • This is my last one
  • Eventually i will
  • Maybe next year
  • I need a partner I can’t do it alone
  • I cant afford to
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m running out of excuses

Have you said any of the above and not committed ? You Make a valid choice every time you chose not to do something that can have a better impact on your life. You go to the store all the time. When is the last time you went to the workout department ? When is the last time you got up and decided im going for a run ? Making decisions that you can not hold up to. Every day you can make that choice. You don’t need to wait till monday or the end of the year. The second you decided you bought that soda or chose not put sugar in your coffee anymore. Is the second you made a decision for yourself so why stop there?

Dont want to go to that buffet this week. THEN DON’T ! Don’t want to work for the same company anymore. THEN DON’T. Go amp up your resume. Go sign up for that class to learn a new skill. Every day you are faced with a decision. Resolutions dont last. So dont wait till the end of every year , or the end of every week to make a life changing decision ?



Take a deep breath. Now GO! Want to go to space ? GO! want to run a marathon ? GO! Want to quit smoking? GO! Throw that shitty food out of your fridge. Go to the store and start making the right decisions for yourself. You need to hold your self accountable for your own actions and let your thinking be the impact on your life. When you start making all the right choices for yourself not only will you be happier , but you will achieve so much more. If you reading this right now. Take a second and think deeply about your next big decision.