I don’t necessarily think everyone has to workout or exercises. Everyone definitely should. Exercises has endless benefits. I definitely think everyone needs to challenge themselves. Without a challenge you will never truly know what you are capable of. The feeling of a great achievement after you work extremely hard. In this article I’m going to break down ways to challenge yourself and become the best version of yourself you ultimately can be.


Think of one thing you have always wanted to achieve. Maybe you thought it would be nice to learn a new language , play a musical instrument, run a marathon , be extremely flexible, or learn archery. There is numerous ways to challenge yourself. Think of the most exciting and interesting thing. Something you love the idea of the challenge. Maybe its a financial challenge. What ever it may be. Tell yourself that your going to do it. Find a way and make it happen. Without the difficulty of a challenge you can never know your full capability as a person. You may never know what you are capable of. Don’t put a limit on the challenge. Just accept the challenge and be determined to complete the challenge. No matter what road it takes you through.

fail to succed


The first time you have ever tied your shoes or ride a bicycle. It was extremely difficult. Right away you much rather have the strap on shoes and training wheels on and go. But the idea of no training wheels and the strap on shoes is there was no challenge it was easy. Now you can probably tie your shoes without looking and hop on any bike and ride away. The challenge took time. The challenge was difficult , but you had to do it. Eventually now you can show someone else how to do it.

Every challenge in life should be treated the same. Don’t expect to succeed right away or any time soon. The longevity of the challenge is what should keep you moving forward. Let each challenge open a new door to the next challenge. If you challenge was to run a marathon. Well now try a triathlon or much more difficult that may require a greater amount of endurance. Have a five step challenge to face.

make the jump


  1. Create a challenge.
  2. Complete the initial part.
  3. Fail
  4. Become committed it is now part of your lifestyle.
  5. Complete the first challenge.
  6. Make a new challenge with the challenge you just completed.

Let me break it down a little bit more. Obviously you need to vision the challenge and the idea of being successful at it before even doing it. So that is where the initial part of completing it is doing it and maybe fail a few as many times as you need to till you succeed . If you did it with ease then the challenge was not big enough allow room for failure. If your challenge has to do with lifting. You want to be able to bench press 300 pounds or dead lift 500 pounds. Say your dead lift is at 250 pounds. If you don’t fail numerous times on your way to the 500 marker. Then the challenge was to easy create a bigger challenge. After this challenge has become an adaptive lifestyle doing what is necessary to get better and succeed is a must. Finding the time and being persistence will lead you to your success.


You ran your marathon. You lost your magic number of weight. You went rock climbing. Finally was able to do the splits or saved up for that awesome car you always dreamed about. Now with what you have created. What you have challenged yourself to do and over come. Now take what you have learned from and use it. You may have learned new failures. You may have learned new things about yourself , you didn’t know you were capable of. We need to challenge ourselves in order to become greater and be our own success. Challenge yourself ! I urge you to take that final step and become the committed person you can be. Prove to yourself that the best things in life are the biggest challenges. You owe it to yourself.

Like always I hope this helps. any questions fill free to email me at Thomasshultz13@yahoo.com and I will try to respond as soon as possible