So you don’t want to go to the gym. Well you’re in luck I’m going to give you the top 10 workouts you can do at home.



All important lifts involve a barbell. DEADLIFTS , BAREBELL SQUATS , BENCH PRESS , AND OVER HEAD PRESS ! They are all very important exercises for building major mass , strength , power , fat burning , and pure core strength. You can burn more fat by building more muscle and there are tons more of exercises you can do with just a barbell. From bent over rows to power cleans. If you’re looking where to purchase a great barbell check your local sports equipment store or websites like ROGUE and AMAZON Will definitely have all your home gym equipment needs.

2. Running

Running is great for your heart health and endurance. You can always mix things up. Doing intervals of sprints and slow jogs. 15 second sprint 45 second jog for how many ever sets you feel comfortable with. Running on a treadmill however does not give you the same challenge as running outdoors. Running on a belt is not allowing your entire body to work fully. Running outdoors you have to push yourself and not have the belt push you.

3. Kickboxing


Kickboxing has always been one of my favorite ways to workout. Going in intervals just like running. Set a timer for 5 minutes. 30 seconds fast and 30 seconds slow. Doing this for 3 rounds of 5 minutes each. Working your way up to 10 minute rounds and fewer breaks between sets. Do not continuously hit the bag super hard. You will eventually just damage yourself. If you’re using the bag to build up endurance and burn fat. Hit the bag at a rate you are comfortable with.

4. Plyometrics



Plyometrics are a very good way to help improve bone health. The best way to wake up your bones and muscles is to activate them. Even when warming up doing psychometrics is one of the absolute best ways to get your heart rate going and prepare for your overall workout. Plyometrics consist of box jumps , Squat Jumps , jumping in place , and vertical power ups.


5. H.I.I.T

High Intense Interval Training


Fast pace with very little break. You can do H.I.I.T with weights. There are programs like insanity that is a great example of H.I.I.T that is weight free. You can turn almost any workout into H.I.I.T. It has been known as one of the most overall effective ways to build muscle and burn fat. A combination of H.I.I.T would be push-ups for 30 seconds , high knees for 30 seconds, mountain climbers for 30 seconds all non stop as many as you can do. Followed by a very short rest and do it again only harder and faster.



If you are not active at all. This is your first time coming to this article and have never worked out before. Start walking. Make it a new think you do every day. After dinner or early in the morning. Make a schedule of it and continue to do it till you feel comfortable to move forward and start doing other exercises.


Do you even Yoga ?


I began doing yoga due to a back and hip injury. After a few weeks of doing yoga the pain was gone and I felt amazing. I felt flexible and all my lifts in my workouts went up. So I continued to do it. The best thing about yoga you can do it at home. With hundreds of YouTube videos out there. There is also a ton of books out there as well to help start doing yoga at home. It is my favorite at home workout to do.

8. Planking

Sounds easy ?


Just go into a plank position. Your go onto your belly. Use your toes and elbows to hold your body up. Keep your back flat and hold it. Start small work to 30 seconds and try to up it every day. There is no ” I don’t have time to plank ” if you don’t have time to plank for 30 seconds you don’t have a life. It is a workout you can do at the end of your main workouts. Very difficult to for a long period of time. Start small work your way up to holding a longer plank.

9. Sand bag


Find a duffel bag. Fill it up with sand. Squat with it. Throw it. Do farmer carries with it. Filling up a sandbag and trying to do a workout continuously performing regular exercise with is a great way to build muscle. The sand moves and makes it more of a challenge to do just basic exercises. Want to up it a notch. Soak the sand bag in water. There is a ton of things to do with a sandbag and a cheap way to make a weight at home.

10. Dance Taboo


Dancing using your entire body and moving. If you have ever went dancing it can be exhausting. Well it’s actually a workout and you can do it right in your home. Moving fast pace and moving your entire body. Theres different forms of this using kicks and punches. It is a very effective workout. Dancing is a medicine for the body.

Now you have 10 of the best ways to workout at home