On average the human body can have over 60,000 thoughts per each day. On average 80% of those thoughts are negative. We are flooded with ” I CAN’T “. The judgement cloud of doubt is hovering over you. It makes us feel so small. Every now and then we see something or someone great. Someone with that positive energy. We feed off of it. How we carry that energy is totally up to us. We have these amazing chemicals in are brain our endorphins , dopamine , oxytocin , and serotonin. If your depressed there is a chance that you have a chemical imbalance in your brain. This is what some of pharmaceutical drugs target. Neurotransmitters ( basically the messenger of your body ) send these signals to your nerves and tell the body how it feels. When these transmitters can not connect and there is a gap imbalance. Your body can start to shut down. You feel tired and sad. You feel angry and weak. Setting your negative emotions higher than your positive emotions.


Sometimes an event can cause this imbalance. Sometimes it’s a medical problem. Sometimes it can be genetic. It could possibly be that your body has to little of serotonin. To pinpoint an exact issue on what triggers this depressed negative feeling is a wide range of possibilities. If everyone in the world carried this feeling with them 24/7 365. There would be so many amazing things we would never achieve. There is an average of 40 million adults battling severe depression. Over the ages of 18 that is 18.1%. 36.9% of the populations suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder. These feelings are difficult to overcome. There is a mental blockage in your brain and a barrier that must be broken.

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There are many ways to get out there and start fighting your unshakable negativity. The most recommended number one way to destroy it, is Exercises. When you exercises you release an abundance of endorphins. Those endorphins will send your neurotransmitters thriving. Helping break the mental blockage. If you’re not an active person. Start walking every day. Work your way up to more physical activity. As you become more active regularly your brain will notice the change and feed it to the rest of you body.

Clean up the way your eating and diet. No you don’t need to follow an exact diet. If you have trouble eating clean. Maybe a keto diet will help. Overload of carbohydrates can shut the body down rather than use the carbohydrates for energy and recovery. The cleaner you eat the better you will feel.

Feel a touch. A baby can actually die if is not touched or hugged. It’s called touching empathy. As an adult you still need it. You will live without it but it does affect your overall feeling. Find groups or activities you may be interested and go out there and try them. Do not ever be socially scared to try something new. Take your passion see how people are talking about it and meeting about it. If you love comics movies and art. See when a local comic-con is coming around you. Everything from festivals to a therapy session. I believe in the power of touch every time I see someone who may appear homeless or in need of help. I make sure I hug them because a hug can go a long way.


Get up , Go out ! Go for a walk in the park somewhere relaxing. Go to a music event. Even if it’s not your taste of music. Being around the people and positive energy will feed into you. Go to a comedy club. Your there to do the opposite of depressed and that’s laugh. Stop saying no to your friends you do have. If they ask you to go swimming with them. Just go ! Staying in your comfort zone you will never experience what not only the world has to offer, but what you have to offer the world.

Create a challenge. For me I love the feeling of when I complete something. When I set a goal and achieve it. When i complete that goal. I make sure my next goal is related to my last goal. So if my first goal was to go to a yoga class. My next goal is to go to three yoga classes. If it’s a weight aspect. start small. You want to lose 5 pounds. Now you want to lose 10 pounds. Now you want to be able to run 1 mile. Now you want to be able to run 5 miles. Until your competing in a 5k. A small goal leads to a big change.


I’m not an expert by any means. I have been where a lot of very depressed and negative people come from. I got tired of feeling that way it was a horrible feeling. I certainly knew a pill wasn’t going to help me. For it to change, I had to change. For me Life events were like a weight I couldn’t shake. Eventually I made small changes that lead to bigger changes. Small challenges that lead to bigger goal’s. It was working so I didn’t stop. I try as much as possible and hope that my positivity can spread into the people around me and they can spread it to the people around them. Just know every time you approach someone how you approach them can effect them in a major way. If your angry with someone collect yourself before engaging in letting your anger take control of you and push the negativity into anyone. Anger is a weakness. You are in control. This is your life. This is your time to make a impact. It’s got to start some where. It’s got to start some how. So what better place than here. What better time than now. ❤

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