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I would like to start this off by saying that I look forward to seeing things posted by Thomas Shultz on his page/Blog. I like to get others opinions on things like nutrition, fitness, and healthy habits to further understand my own journey and always be open to new information to help me achieve my goals. Thomas’s passion drives his hunger for knowledge and that’s the kind of person I will always hear opinions from. I may or may not always agree with them but we are all different, that’s what makes us unique!

That guy on the left there is me at about 315 pounds. The guy on the right is also me at 235 pounds and still working to achieve goals and elevate my quality of life!! During the timeframe the picture on the left was taken many things happened in my life health wise. I smoked about a pack a day and I would soon find out I had full-blown diabetes, and elevated blood pressure. I was developing dark spots on my skin around the bottom of my legs due to bad circulation that will never go away (today I consider them battle scars). I was horribly out of shape and always had no energy. My diet consisted of fast food, pizza, lasagna/spaghetti, hamburger helper, buffets, anything abundant and easy for the most part. I drank Soda most of the time, lots of beer especially on the weekends. I ate what I wanted when I wanted and didn’t care.

Once I found out I was diabetic and started taking medication for it I initially felt good. I wasn’t constantly overheated all the time anymore and I had more energy than before; but that was short-lived. Soon I began experiencing side effects from some of the medications, which in turn ended up bringing on MORE and different medications. At the beginning of this year I started out taking 8 pills a day for my health issues. Even that wasn’t enough, soon that became 6 pills a day and a once a day self-administered injection of 24 units of basal-insulin. The insulin shots alone cost $586 for a 90 day supply currently and that’s not counting the pills that were constantly giving me the scoots and chest pains and nausea and a whole host of other side effects I had to live with. Not only did I need them to keep my sugar in check I was having problems affording such a quick onset cost, most people would. The point I’m trying to make here is– not giving a shit about your health is expensive and I’m not just talking about money!!

I had to change, I was slowly destroying myself from the inside out. I couldn’t take it anymore. I made the decision that I was done with all of it. The doctors pedaling me these damn meds, big pharma, big tobacco, the bullshit healthcare system we live with. ALL OF IT!!!! ………DONE!!!!! Time to man up and take that look in the mirror. Time to take my life back. I also made the decision that I wasn’t going to hide it, I would be proud of it. That’s why I’m writing this now, I want people to know. I want people to see it. I want my family and friends to see it. I’ll tell anyone who will listen damn it!!

Now what?? I made the decision, I’m on board but what do I do? How do I do it? I was never taught about food and nutrition besides the indoctrinated food pyramid crap they shove down your throat as a cold war era child in the public school system. The big corporate diet plan they tell you to eat if you want to be healthy. The reality is this, most of your food is trash. Even the stuff that’s supposed to be good for you. They will find a way to mess it up by spraying it with chemicals or processing the hell out of it or something. Don’t take my word for it, look for yourself. The most calorie dense unhealthy food on most menus at most restaurants is the salad!! I realized I didn’t know anything about exercise or diet or anything like that so I started easy. Walking; I got a dog and don’t you know he loves to walk. I started walking so much the dog couldn’t even hold up anymore. I would take the dog for a walk then drop him off and take myself for another. Soon the walking wasn’t cutting it and neither was my diet. I wasn’t eating enough for my body to keep up with my activities. This is where food quality comes into play. Turns out you can eat a hell of a lot of food if your eating the right stuff and never be hungry and keep losing weight all at the same time. And getting off the couch and exercising brings it all full circle. I soon joined a gym and I continue to talk with people and read things I come across and try new things to see how it works for me. I encourage everyone to do the same. Your worth it! Your life is worth it!  Your family is worth it! Watch and see, others around you like your children, friends and family will take notice. They will want to do it too. You are saving more than just yourself whether you realize it or not.

I currently do not use any tobacco products and have not for over 7 months. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week no matter what. I eat according to a diet plan and I have my go-to choices if I’m out and about or can’t plan ahead. I meal prep as much as possible. I snack healthy and I keep track of everything! I only take 1 pill and 10 units of insulin  a day now. If I stay under an A1C of 6.5 my doctor is taking me off of everything in a couple of months. Currently that is the goal, after that there will be a different goal. Nobody can stop me from choosing to be healthy. Nobody can stop you either!



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“Your pretty for a big girl ” was never a compliment to me. For majority of my life I’ve always been a ” bigger Girl “. While in school I was always last picked for relay race, but the first to be in the loop in tug-o-war. Over time I grew to hate myself, Questioning God ” why was I so different? ” I couldn’t fit into the cute junior sized clothing only women’s as a teenager. Depression sit in , even attempting suicide and excessive drug use at one point. It was almost as if I heard Gods voice telling me ” I’m not done with you yet. ” Almost as if I was given a second chance at life. SO I TOOK IT !!!! Here I am 150 pounds down from 350. Along this journey I’ve cried , bleed, had sprains, bruises. I didn’t give up. Here’s to my new life! If one person can say they began their journey because of me I feel like I’ve done what im supposed to do. I want to inspire and show people this can be done! Change your mindset and the body will follow !!!! ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT FOR SOME GREAT WORKOUT MOTIVATION : PRETTYPAIGE315


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